The Stridy Team

Stridy has a team of passionate and dedicated individuals who are committed to creating a cleaner and healthier world. We are a fun-loving bunch who take our work seriously, but also strongly believe in having fun and enjoying the journey. Everyone on our team plays a vital role in our mission, and we share a common bond: our love for the environment and a desire to make a positive impact.

We invite you to check us out and get to know the people who are making a difference in our local communities and beyond!

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Marcel Smits


Having lived and traveled many cities, Marcel took an interest in litter that is polluting all our living environments. He made a habit of picking up some trash and found that many others shared the same quirky routine. Since then, it has been on his bucket list to bring these people together in a global community – and that idea became Stridy.

His passion and dedication to solve the issue of litter and household recycling inspires the team at Stridy to work towards our goals for a litter free world!

PS. Don’t be surprised if you see him hanging around in the bushes. He’s not hiding, just probably picking up hidden cans and wrappers that have been lying there for ages!

Yasser Amin

Chief Stridy Officer

Yasser’s commitment to creating a cleaner world began with him organizing community beach cleanup sessions over the years. Week after week, it deepened his appreciation for coastal and inland nature environments and became strongly convinced of the importance of protecting them.

He is also a firm believer in the power of community building and civic engagement. As the face and heart of Stridy, Yasser makes it his mission to gather organizations and individuals alike to expand the Stridy footprint wherever he goes.

Although if he were to be really honest, as a self-proclaimed Hufflepuff, he wishes he could just “Evanesco!” every piece of trash polluting our environment. For all you muggles out there, it means to vanish. Oh, if only.

Vanessa Tan

Operations Lead

Through the years, Vanessa’s passion for the environment has led to her diverse experiences in managing sustainability in the healthcare and food industry. Her involvement in Stridy started as an Ambassador representing the brand, and now an Operations Lead where she ensures the smooth running of all our processes. Literally, our cleanups can’t happen without her! In the rare times when she’s not out with a grabber and hoop, you might find her in the gym or rearranging her room, again.

Pamela Low

Partnerships Lead

Dedicated to solving climate change and driven to benefit the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, Pamela believes that businesses can be a force for good! As Partnerships Lead, she’s instrumental in building strong relationships with partner organizations who share our vision for a litter-free world. Apart from her love for the environment, she also has a borderline obsession with intense dark chocolate. 100% cocoa, Pam? Really?

Ming Xuan


Driven by wanting to do more for her community, Ming Xuan started her environmental sustainability journey through a clean up. Coincidentally (or not), that was how she met Yasser at the East Coast Beach Plan in 2020 and the story began! Since then, she has contributed many hours at the beach with SG Beach Warriors too. She hopes to bring her hyperactive Pomeranian Shetland named Aury on a litter picking journey when she grows older and less fearful of her grabber. Since 2023, Ming Xuan started working behind the scenes in supporting administrative work and making Stridy run smoothly! We’re very excited to have her join the Stridy team!