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A cleaner way
to move.

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Stridy is the litter pick up app that gives you the tools to declutter your world at your pace. Stridy engages through self-motivation to help you build your own path to a better world.

Our purpose.

Science shows us the effects of litter are much more significant than just being an eyesore of discarded garbage. Litter accumulation negatively influences the value of our neighborhoods, the biological health of the environment, and the emotional connections we have to the spaces we share with others. We know the gravity of this problem and acknowledge the existing entities who have made great strides in prevention and conservation throughout the years — but what can we as individuals do to help?
Our answer, is Stridy.

Stats & Facts

Capture what
you gather.

Stridy helps you contribute to the global community. When you take a picture of each piece of litter you collect, or catalogue your haul, Stridy aggregates this data to better understand the litter landscape of your area. The more discarded trash you collect, the more points you earn reflecting the magnitude of your efforts.

Start small.
Start simple.

Stridy invites you to take as much or as little action as you’d like — anytime, anyplace. Getting in a morning walk? Heading out to give the dog some exercise? Find yourself in a new place in need of cleaning? Open Stridy and make each step of your journey valuable by collecting what litter you find along the way.

Visualize your impact.

See the benefits of your litter collection with accumulated statistics compiled across the entire Stridy userbase. With every intentional action, your contribution to the world around you grows larger and larger.

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For fun,
not for profit.

Beginning as a passion project, Stridy has since grown into a non-profit platform for those who want to do their part in making the world a cleaner place.

We will never sell your information or abuse the data collected when in use, and your experience won’t be interrupted by pesky advertisements. Stridy exists to serve Earth’s inhabitants, not exploit them, by providing a tool that empowers healthier communities in a way that doesn’t disrupt individual’s daily lives.

Experience Stridy for yourself.