Stridy envisions a future where the world has achieved complete and proper waste management.

There will no longer be communities unfairly living in litter. There will no longer be natural habitats and its inhabitants threatened by mismanaged waste. There will no longer be the question of why waste management is important in the minds of people.

A happier, healthier, cleaner world for all.




We hope to build a groundswell of like-minded individuals that are engaged with the issue of waste management, at a global level. This is important because collectively, our individual efforts can culminate in creating a significant, positive impact on our world.

Our mission begins from the simple Stridy App. We believe that quantifying impact, and visualizing one's contribution to the global waste management effort, is important to understand the difference one individual can make. And the Stridy App empowers individuals to do exactly that.

Positive Motivation

We believe in enacting change through positivity, and are committed to ensuring our Striders have a fun experience striding.

More than just picking up litter, strides are a time to meet new people, have good conversation, or even engage in some friendly competition!

We hope that this positive experience builds motivation and commitment to being part of the Stridy community.


We are fully funded by donations, and are strictly not-for-profit.

100% of any proceeds will always be reinvested back into furthering the mission of Stridy.

We are committed to being transparent about our finances, and we will never sell our users’ data.

Stakeholder Collaboration

We believe that the problem of waste can, and will be, solved through the coming together of all stakeholders.

We always assume the good intent on the part of consumers, governments, companies, and non-governmental organizations, and are always open to collaboration and partnership.

Together, we can achieve more.


Stridy Impact

Through the dedication and efforts of our passionate Striders, Stridy has been making a tangible impact in creating a cleaner world, one cleanup at a time. Our hard work has not only helped beautify our communities, but have also contributed to the health of our environment – a place we all call home.

Together, we have picked up countless of litter, covered miles of ground, and had loads of fun! Our community dashboard provides real-time updates on Stridy’s impact, and is a testament that collectively, we can make a real difference.

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We are committed to being accountable for how we manage the funds and resources that have been entrusted to us. If you would like to find out more, please reach out to us at

Stridy's Business Model

Stridy does not have a traditional 'business model'. We are focused on maximising our impact with the donations given to us.

Data Protection and Privacy

Stridy may be for fun but there is nothing we take more seriously than our users' data and privacy. Data protection is one of our top priorities. We will never sell your data nor infringe your privacy.

Find out more about Stridy and our activities by downloading our Annual Report.