Stridy Starter Pack



Stridy Starter Pack


Whether you’re new to Striding, or a veteran looking to champion Stridy, the Stridy Kickstarter provides you with everything you need to begin Striding! While the Stridy Kickstarter ensures you’re well-prepared for your Stridy journeys, it also allows you to funnel the savings (you save up to 30% with this Kickstarter!) to other environmental causes close to your heart.

The Stridy Kickstarter will give you: 1x Stridy Shirt, 1x Stridy Hoop, 1x Stridy Grabber, 1x Stridy Hat, 1x bundle of the Stridy Collection Bag, 1x Stridy Mask, 1x Stridy Tote. Please indicate your size in the checkout comments, as well as choice of colour for the variants!