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How to be the best
Strider you can be.

When it comes to collecting litter, just having the right attitude is more than enough to make the world a cleaner place. But, if you’re looking to make the most of your Stridy journeys, here are a few things that will help make your efforts abundantly more efficient and enjoyable.

Reach for the stars

How to use a grabber

Your lower back will love you and your hands will be, relatively, cleaner! With a trash reacher (AKA: picker, grabber, disembodied robot arm) you can effortlessly lift litter from the ground and put it directly into a receptacle.

Put a ring on it

How to use a garbage ring

Handling a trash bag can be a hassle, especially if the wind isn’t cooperating and your hands are full. A trash bag ring holds your container wide open for quick and easy disposal along your Stridy journey.

Consider your counting

What to pick up

While litter truly comes in all shapes and sizes, Stridy utilizes the “honor system” to trust individual Striders to tally their trash collecting. We understand that not everyone abides by the same standards, just use your best judgement, enjoy your time, and help make the world a cleaner place to live.